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Wealth Management

Professional Investment Management

An experienced guide can help you navigate the complex world of investments. Our advisors leverage a wealth of investment expertise and knowledge to develop customized investment solutions that reflect your objectives and help drive your long-term financial success.

Tax Planning

You’ve worked hard to earn and grow your assets. At Standard Pension Services, we’ll focus on helping you maintain these assets through efficient tax planning. Utilizing methods such as tax withdrawal strategies and tax loss harvesting, our advisors will ensure you can continue to focus on asset development, while they focus on tax efficiency.

Retirement Income Strategies

It’s never too early—or late—to plan for retirement. As you approach retirement, our professionals will work with you to develop a plan that includes inflation, market volatility, taxes, and an income withdrawal strategy to maintain a healthy retirement. Once retired, we’ll continually monitor and update your strategy to make certain it aligns with your needs and goals.

Insurance Planning

When it comes to planning for the unexpected, you can never be too prepared. Our team of advisors will help guide you through various insurance options and choose the right solutions for your unique needs.

Estate Planning

Do you have a structured plan that details what will happen to your assets when you’re gone? An estate plan can include leaving money to your heirs, donating to the charities of your choice, or both. With care and consideration, we’ll help you design an estate plan tailored to help you retain control, privacy and security of your legacy.

Philanthropic Services

We work with you to identify philanthropic goals and estate planning objectives while providing simple and effective charitable giving solutions. You’ll receive a tax deduction upon funding an account, while retaining investment discretion, and we’ll help you make direct donations to any IRS-qualified public charity of your choice. We provide you with flexible options for when and how you can donate to the causes that matter to you.

Business Planning

Your business is likely your most closely held asset. We always say, “You grow your assets over time, but you make your money in your business.” Our business planning advisors will help you understand your options for a future exit/succession strategy, buy/sell agreement, and more. We will work with your business to help value and develop a suitable income and asset strategy for an impending sale.

Education Savings

Funding the future education of your child or grandchild is an incredible, life-changing gift. We’ll help you execute an education savings plan that aligns with your timeline and funding goals.